I think that the most important thing about music lessons is that it is enjoyable for everyone involved--the student, parent, and teacher. For that reason, although I have some general guidelines when teaching, my methods and approach are flexible and customizable. We will work together to make music lessons as productive and enjoyable as we can!

I grew up with the Suzuki method, so I often recommend that and have used the Suzuki books with most of my students so far. However, I have also been glad that my music education was complimented by other styles of playing and a repertoire that was expanded beyond what I learned in Suzuki, so I recommend that for my students, as well. Fiddle music, church hymns, and classical music are among the types of music that I teach.

You do not need to have your instrument before you contact me for lessons as most students will not start out playing on their instrument in their first lesson anyway. I can assist you in the selection of your violin or piano.

Most people choose to have a half hour lesson once a week, which I recommend as a good pace. However, for a beginner student (especially if he or she is young), fifteen minutes at a time twice a week may be a more productive schedule. Once a student becomes more advanced, they will often move to a forty-five minute or one hour lesson.


Lesson Cost

The cost for a lesson is $16 per half hour ($8 for 15 minutes, $24 for 45 minutes, $32 for an hour, etc.). I offer a $3 discount per half hour lesson for each additional student in the same family. Payment is required at the first lesson of every month, but can be made further in advance, as well.


By default, lessons will be given at my in-home studio in Harmony, North Carolina. By request, I will come to your house for an additional fee based on travel time and distance. I will need to know your address in order to let you know how much the travel cost will be.

Materials Needed 

Here is a list of materials that you will need early on during lessons. It is not necessary to purchase any of them before our fist meeting, at which time we can discuss details of the purchases.
  • A violin and bow that fits (I will help you determine the correct size) OR a piano
  • For violin: accessories (shoulder rest, rosin, etc.)
  • The music book(s) that the student will be using
  • A 1-inch three ring binder with a clear plastic front
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